Night games

Wizard in the Dark

14 Jan 2022 - This is an updated version of "Murder in the Dark" This game is very simple. Perfect for...

no-prep large-groups relaxed night indoors cooperative long no-mess no-cost hot-topic


This is a game that we always play at my youth group. I guess it's kind of a reverse...

wide junior relaxed camp large-groups night no-prep play-anywhere cooperative standard no-mess no-cost


Mafia is a classic campfire game played at many youth camps, summer camps and scout camps before. In some...

video-call no-prep camp circle relaxed drama night non-contact indoors cooperative standard no-mess no-cost

Sponge Ball Skirmish

2 teams, each team sets up a base on either side of the hall/playing area with limited about of...

team-building active night play-anywhere multiple-teams standard some-mess no-cost


Setup: Sticky-tape a ring of glow-sticks to the opening of the bins, one colour per bin. then place the...

wide team-building sports active night play-anywhere multiple-teams quick no-mess under-20-dollars

A Light In Darkness

This is a great, fun game for leading into topics like spiritual warfare, reaching the lost, etc. This is...

team-building active large-groups night play-anywhere cooperative standard some-mess under-20-dollars

Zombie Apocalypse

How to Play: Basically, there will be three teams. One is the Zombies, one is the Survivors, the last...

wide team-building mini-olympics camp active large-groups night outdoors multiple-teams standard no-mess no-cost hot-topic

Bible Smugglers

You will need a decent sized property for this game. Before you start the game you explain to the...

wide camp active large-groups night outdoors cooperative long no-mess no-cost hot-topic

Skit Night

We came up with this at our first lock-in 3 years ago and it is one of our most requested...

team-building small-groups icebreakers camp artistic active night play-anywhere multiple-teams long some-mess no-cost


This one is insanely popular with all ages. Minimum age of 7 or 8 is recommend as anything younger is hard...

camp large-groups active wide night outdoors all-on-all long some-mess no-cost

Creative Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be epic fun and there are many different ways to do them. This "Creative" Scavenger Hunt...

team-building camp large-groups active wide night non-contact play-anywhere multiple-teams long no-mess no-cost

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is one of the most popular wide games ever and is great to play on a...

wide water team-building camp active large-groups night play-anywhere multiple-teams standard some-mess under-20-dollars

Don't Blink

Overview: Time to embrace my inner nerd! This is a game based off a certain British science fiction TV...

active camp large-groups night simulation team-building wide indoors multiple-teams standard no-mess under-20-dollars

Alien Invasion

1) Give ten players a glowstick for the game, which they will wear around their wrists. Obviously, the game is...

active camp large-groups night simulation team-building wide play-anywhere multiple-teams standard no-mess under-20-dollars


Get a volunteer to be the President, once they are chosen divide the rest of the kids into 2 unequal...

active large-groups night team-building play-anywhere multiple-teams standard no-mess no-cost

Human Stratego

How to play: 1. Divide the group into 2 teams. 2. Each team goes to the opposite end of the field where...

camp active large-groups night team-building wide outdoors multiple-teams long no-mess no-cost

Return of the Jedi (Hide and Seek Freeze Tag in the Dark)

The goal of the game is to defeat Darth Vader(preferably a youth leader) before he finds and freezes...

active team-building night indoors cooperative standard some-mess no-cost

Bees Vs. Wasps

This is a fun run around church wide game I play with our middle-schoolers. The amount of nerf guns,...

wide night large-groups junior active indoors cooperative standard no-mess under-20-dollars

Five Tribes

Five tribes night game 5 teams of 2 cabins (about 20 kids each) each team has its own colour and home base...

active camp large-groups night wide outdoors multiple-teams long no-mess under-20-dollars


1. Pick a person to be it (Maybe a leader for the first round) 2. Everyone else hides in a large...

camp large-groups junior active small-groups wide night indoors cooperative long no-mess no-cost

Zoom Game

Guess popular superheroes, cartoon characters and movie covers from "zoomed" in photos.

junior small-groups relaxed night indoors multiple-teams standard no-mess no-cost

Glowstick Grab

teams compete to be the first to collect their glowsticks

team-building large-groups active wide night indoors multiple-teams long no-mess under-20-dollars

Hide the Thimble

A "hide and find" party game that's as simple as they come

night small-groups active junior camp no-prep play-anywhere all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

Laser Grid

Players become secret agents trying to navigate their way through a maze of lasers

night active junior simulation indoors all-on-all standard some-mess under-20-dollars

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