Return of the Jedi (Hide and Seek Freeze Tag in the Dark)

An active team-building night game

How To Play Return of the Jedi (Hide and Seek Freeze Tag in the Dark)

Materials Needed

A Darth vader Outfit
two working flash lights
6 batteries
1 light up light saber
Brief case
one nerf gun
a bananna

The goal of the game is to defeat Darth Vader(preferably a youth leader) before he finds and freezes everyone. The only way you can defeat him is by finding a light saber hidden in the building and hitting(tapping) him with it. The light saber can only be activated however if you find the batteries to power it which are also hidden somewhere in the building.(have more batteries hidden than are needed to activate it) There are also two flashlights hidden that can be used for unfreezing people that Darth Vader has tagged.(also helpful for finding items) If a flashlight light is shined on frozen person with in 20 ft. they are back in the game. The last(optional) thing hidden is a locked brief case with some extra supplies for helping defeat Vader, but to open it you have to find the key for it. (attach something to the key to make it easier to find). Play Star Wars/ creepy music to signal start of the game.

Ground rules:
-No going into bathrooms to hide or escape, no turning on lights, no going into rooms that have closed doors, no opening or closing doors.
- If you're tagged while holding an item it can be taken from you but Darth Vader can’t tag anyone else until he hides the item again.
-Frozen people can’t talk but they can make sounds.
-Don’t open closed drawers or doors to look for items. They won’t be in there.
-Stay off of the stages and dangerous areas
-batterys from the flashlight can not be used for activating the light saber.

Secret items in brief case: 2 batteries, a nerf gun with one or two nerf bullets that can be used to shoot darth vader and causing him to respawn at a designated area, and banana whose secret power is potassium.

To make the game easier add more items ex. Flashlights, batteries, or light sabers
To make it harder subtract a flash light or play with two Darth Vaders


Defeating Evil with the sword of the Spirit

Added by
Josh Wink
on 25 February 2017


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that seems really cool too and a bit simpler.

Posted by Josh 6 years ago

This is a great game.
We've regularly played a scarier version called 'The Grog' which is essentially a youth leader (or keen youth) in a monster mask instead of Vader. We play spooky but not horror music & blast it throughout the building making it hugely atmospheric! When tagged, teens go out (back to a designated home base). Teens are hunting in the dark for cones instead of batteries & have no flash lights. They can exchange cones for an out player back at home base. When 3 cones have been handed in they get a flashlight & if that's shined on the Grog the teens wins.
Teaching points around light defeating darkness etc.
We've found it fun & spooky and avoid anything horrible or evil.

Posted by Simeon Hawkins 7 years ago


Posted by Cool 7 years ago
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