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Water Bomber

This is a classic battle game which is easy to set up. Purchase a fair few water bombs and...

wide water large-groups outdoors multiple-teams long extreme-mess under-20-dollars

Egg and Custard Game

This is a wide game that we play across the grounds of a school, best done at night time....

wide team-building active outdoors multiple-teams long some-mess over-20-dollars

Ultimate Soccer

Each team selects a "goalie" who will stand on a platform. The goal is to get the soccer ball...

wide team-building sports active outdoors multiple-teams long no-mess no-cost


This simulation game is a great one to play on a youth camp. It involves a lot of running...

wide team-building simulation memory large-groups camp active indoors multiple-teams long some-mess under-20-dollars

Bible Smugglers

You will need a decent sized property for this game. Before you start the game you explain to the...

wide camp active large-groups night outdoors cooperative long no-mess no-cost hot-topic


This one is insanely popular with all ages. Minimum age of 7 or 8 is recommend as anything younger is hard...

camp large-groups active wide night outdoors all-on-all long some-mess no-cost

Creative Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be epic fun and there are many different ways to do them. This "Creative" Scavenger Hunt...

team-building camp large-groups active wide night non-contact play-anywhere multiple-teams long no-mess no-cost


This game is to be played in the dark and it an awesome choice to play as a night...

wide team-building junior active large-groups indoors cooperative long no-mess no-cost

Charlie's Candy

This game is based on the great children's movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." You're going to need a...

wide team-building simulation large-groups camp active outdoors multiple-teams long no-mess under-20-dollars

Reformation - The Wide Game

This is a wide game that we played on our last youth camp. It should run for a couple...

wide simulation large-groups camp outdoors multiple-teams long no-mess over-20-dollars

Human Stratego

How to play: 1. Divide the group into 2 teams. 2. Each team goes to the opposite end of the field where...

camp active large-groups night team-building wide outdoors multiple-teams long no-mess no-cost

Wave- Hide and seek

There is one person who is the seeker, the rest of the people are hiders. The seeker puts the...

active camp large-groups team-building wide play-anywhere cooperative long no-mess no-cost

Extreme Event

Players work together to make decisions and solve problems during an engaging, fast-paced disaster simulation. The game facilitator reads...

active simulation wide indoors cooperative long no-mess under-20-dollars

Milk Jug Lacrosse

Each person has a milk jug. There are no boundaries set. Each team has a goal they are to...

active large-groups mini-olympics small-groups sports team-building wide indoors multiple-teams long no-mess no-cost

Five Tribes

Five tribes night game 5 teams of 2 cabins (about 20 kids each) each team has its own colour and home base...

active camp large-groups night wide outdoors multiple-teams long no-mess under-20-dollars


1. Pick a person to be it (Maybe a leader for the first round) 2. Everyone else hides in a large...

camp large-groups junior active small-groups wide night indoors cooperative long no-mess no-cost

Glowstick Grab

teams compete to be the first to collect their glowsticks

team-building large-groups active wide night indoors multiple-teams long no-mess under-20-dollars

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