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Volleyball with Human Net

Play this game with the same rules as volleyball except with 3 teams. Have 2 teams play against one another while...

sports camp active indoors multiple-teams quick some-mess no-cost hot-topic

Blinded Volleyball

Have your group split up into two teams and set up like they are going to play volleyball. Then...

team-building sports mini-olympics junior active play-anywhere multiple-teams standard no-mess no-cost

Big Ball Volleyball

1. Sort your youth group into two teams and then move them to the volleyball court laid out earlier. 2. With...

team-building sports active play-anywhere all-on-all standard no-mess under-20-dollars

Nuke 'Em

1. Create 2 teams. 2. Begin the game by throwing the ball over the net. 3. The goal of the game is to...

active mini-olympics sports team-building outdoors multiple-teams standard no-mess no-cost

Blanket Ball

Players work in pairs using a blanket to catch and throw a ball

sports active play-anywhere multiple-teams standard no-mess no-cost

Nuke 'Em

Players throw a ball across a net to the other team (it's harder than it sounds!)

non-contact wide small-groups active no-prep sports play-anywhere multiple-teams quick no-mess no-cost

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