Skit Night

An active, team-building, icebreaker game for small groups

How To Play Skit Night

Materials Needed

2 pieces of paper and a pen/pencil

We came up with this at our first lock-in 3 years ago and it is one of our most requested events!

We ask the students to make teams of 4. We write down topics on slips of paper, the topics are folded and placed in a "Hat". A team representative picks a topic by drawing from the hat, they pick it they own it - no switching. Each topic is assigned a number. We typically gather at 5:30p and eat at 7p, students are given until 7p to produce their 5 minute skit. After dinner numbers are drawn from the hat to determine the order that the teams perform. After all the teams have performed the judges write down their vote for the winning team number, votes are counted and a winner announced. We play for $10 gift cards - usually to a local taco restaurant - very popular! We also video and post on youtube which we put on our facebook group page.
Funny thing, the students that thought it was a dumb idea are the ones who got into it the most.

Added by
Dean Watson
on 30 September 2011


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I was working with primarily Middle and High school stucents, I share some of our topics but you should really choose based on your group.
Topics: Coffee Shop, What do you think happens in the teacher's lounge, What do you think happens in the girls/boys locker room, What do you think the Disciples did for recreation, What do you think your pastor does for recreation.... those are just a few off hand - hope that helps - have fun!

Posted by Dean 6 years ago

It would be nice to have some ideas on topics.

Posted by Denice Dalrymple 6 years ago

Awesome! Thanks for the idea! We're going to try this Sunday night. I don't have the whole night for it though, so I'm putting a spin on it. I'm only going to give them about 15 minutes to come up with a 2-3 minute skit. They'll all perform the skit and then (without them knowing about this part) I'll pull out another hat with special instructions like "YELL EVERY LINE", or "Act as if all your characters are now 3 years old", or "perform your lines with WAY TOO MUCH EMOTION" and they'll perform the skits again. If I remember to come back here I'll let you know how it went.

Posted by Josiah Stumbo 7 years ago

I have a group of youth mentors who really are involved with our group's managment, we always have a meeting in advance and brain storm topics - a lot of fun in its self! Some of the topics we've used over the years include: "what dogs say to each other in pet stores/shelters" "what girls precive the boys talk about in the locker room and what boys precive girls talk about in the locker room" "what really happens in the teacher's lounge" - just a few examples. We caution the groups (teens)to keep it PG which they have always done. We try to use topics that touch on things like bullying and life expiriences - the groups talk and give their own thoughts on these topics while participating in a fun team building excercise.
This past January we collected money (about $300)and invited the school groups (sports teams, student gov. ect.) to each enter a team for a chance to win the money (which would go toward that groups fund raising efforts) - Huge Success! the middle school girls swim team won - bought new swim suits - we had some city/county officials judge, lots of fun and brought awareness to what our group is all about. We are glad you like our idea, hope it works out for your group(s)

Posted by Dean Watson 11 years ago

Please give examples or list of popular topics.

Posted by Norma Jean 11 years ago

What are some topics that you used?

Posted by Mandy 11 years ago

kool idea i think i might have my youth group try it. we're actually plan'n a youth lock in our selves at the moment.

Posted by kaylee 12 years ago
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