Don't Blink

An active, team-building, wide, camp game

How To Play Don't Blink

Materials Needed

One glowstick wand

Overview: Time to embrace my inner nerd! This is a game based off a certain British science fiction TV show I won't name. Anyway, this game combines teamwork, reflexes, running, skill, and the occasional crafty strategy.

Where to Play: Inside a large building, preferably with multiple floors and rooms. Have a few of the lights turned on.

Setup: Divide the players into two equal groups: the Statues and the Runners. Send the Statues off to a certain area in which a large portion of the lights are off. When the Statues are gone, hand one of the Runners the glowstick wand. That person is the Doctor. When that has been accomplished, send the Runners to an area of the building in which the lights are on.

A. The Runners. These people must navigate the building, looking for the Statues. If they enter a room with the light turned off, their goal is to find the light switch and turn it on. If they are tagged by a Statue, they are frozen in that one room and cannot move from the spot until the game is over. If they find a Statue but survive the encounter, they are encouraged to find the Doctor and inform him of where the Statue was.
B. The Statues. They have a unique weakness: they can only move when they are not in the same room as a Runner or the Doctor. However, if a Statue knows the Doctor or a Runner is in a room, but the light is turned off, they can move wherever they wish as long as the lights stay off. The moment the lights turn on, they must freeze until everyone that is not a Statue leaves the room. Oh, and they can turn off the lights when they are alone.
C. The Doctor. If the Doctor sees a statue, they can use their glowstick wand to tag the Statue when the light is on. When a Statue is tagged by the Doctor, like tagged runners, they have to stay still until the game is over. However, if a room is dark, a Statue can tag the Doctor.

Beginning: The game starts when both groups have gone into their separate areas at the start of the game.

Game Over: The game will be over if any of the following scenarios occurs.
1) All of the Runners were tagged. Even if the Doctor remains, the Statues win.
2) The Doctor tagged all of the Statues. The Runners and the Doctor win.
3) A statue tagged the Doctor. The Statues win.

1) The Doctor cannot hide his/her glowstick.
2) Follow all of the Statues' rules.
3) Statues cannot communicate with each other or anyone else.
4) The Survivors cannot move or communicate while frozen.
5) Statues cannot tackle a Survivor to tag them. Tag them gently, but make sure they know they've been tagged.

Game Length: You could play this for 2-3 games.

Be a good sport, follow the Golden Rule, and have fun!

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Freak the Geek
on 11 January 2016


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I don't think this game is that complicated. This is a great new game to shake things up. My youth are going to love it! Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Nic 6 years ago

THIS GAME IS SO COMPLICATED wow its like reading a newspaper

Posted by Lauren 6 years ago

Does this game work when light switches are so close to the door?

Posted by carla 7 years ago


Posted by nyoom 8 years ago

Angels and humans... DOCTOR WHO!

Posted by John 8 years ago

Cool, man! I'm glad you picked up my run-of-the-mill game and put a biblical spin on it.It takes a creative mind to do that.

Posted by Freak the Geek 8 years ago

btw, doing this game for a lesson on Jn 3:16-21, and it provides some excellent illustration points as well to bridge a difficult text into students' lives

Posted by Brandon 8 years ago

Amazing mashup! Thank you for turning something terrifying into an awesome game.

Posted by Brandon 8 years ago
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