An active team-building night game for large groups

How To Play Assassins

Materials Needed

An Item to hide (preferably something large, but for more of a challenge choose something small).

Get a volunteer to be the President, once they are chosen divide the rest of the kids into 2 unequal groups (either a 2:1 ratio or 3:1) the smaller group is then the President's body guards (for added fun let the president choose their body guards). The President and body guards stay in a room while everyone else (the assassins) spreads out around the building, they hide the object somewhere in plain sight (at least visible from one side). The objective of the game is for the body guards to find the object and tell the President where it is, the president is the only one who can touch the object once it has been placed. If a body guard sees an assassin they can touch them anywhere (keeping it appropriate) to eliminate them. Once eliminated return to the youth room. Assassins can eliminate the body guards and the President by touching them anywhere on the back (keeping it appropriate) and yes the back of the hand counts. Assassins win by eliminating the President, the President's team wins by finding the object and the President returning it to the youth room. This game works best at night with the lights off so as youth can hide in the shadows. For an added twist make it so that only the assassins can leave the building (staying on property) and re-enter from any door, or give only the President a flashlight.

Added by
Gordon Nichols
on 11 May 2016


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Sounds like a fun game!

Posted by Joshua Gahman 4 years ago

Yeah nice

Posted by Ig Alls 6 years ago

Onya Sonia

Posted by Pinny Skenis 🍆 6 years ago
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