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Ultimate Icebreaker

This game is the ultimate icebreaker. Needs a bit a prep before hand - fill up some trays with...

water team-building small-groups icebreakers outdoors multiple-teams standard extreme-mess under-20-dollars hot-topic

Bucket Balance

Get 4 kids to lie down on their backs in a small circle with their legs sticking up in the...

water team-building mini-olympics duel outdoors multiple-teams quick extreme-mess no-cost hot-topic

Fishing for Marbles

Divide the youth into 2 or more teams. Place the bucket in the middle of the room, then put the...

water team-building play-anywhere multiple-teams standard extreme-mess under-20-dollars

Drip Drip Drop

Kind like duck duck goose but with water. Everyone sits in a circle and the game begins just like...

water junior icebreakers relaxed circle play-anywhere cooperative standard no-mess no-cost

Water Bomber

This is a classic battle game which is easy to set up. Purchase a fair few water bombs and...

wide water large-groups outdoors multiple-teams long extreme-mess under-20-dollars

Spit in the Bucket

This game can get kind of gross, if people are squeamish about saliva. Set up two buckets on chairs...

water active large-groups play-anywhere multiple-teams quick some-mess no-cost

Alka Seltzer Waterfight

A simple water fight game which is fantastic for cooling down on hot summer days. Preparation 1. Get a large...

wide water active large-groups outdoors multiple-teams standard extreme-mess under-20-dollars

Water Balloon Soccer

Divide your youth group into 3 teams. Layout a small-sized soccer pitch using cones on a grassy area. 2 of the...

sports water play-anywhere multiple-teams quick extreme-mess under-20-dollars

Water Balloon Dodgeball

Set up a large rectangle, mark out a no thow zone, about 5 metres, 2.5M from centre for each side....

water play-anywhere multiple-teams quick extreme-mess under-20-dollars

Tug of Water War!

Before the game starts place all the objects at a hidden place where you it is not too difficult...

wide water team-building icebreakers active outdoors multiple-teams standard extreme-mess no-cost

Water Balloon Volleyball

Just like volleyball except you use water balloons! The objective is to not allow the balloons to hit the...

water food active play-anywhere all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is one of the most popular wide games ever and is great to play on a...

wide water team-building camp active large-groups night play-anywhere multiple-teams standard some-mess under-20-dollars

Water Sponge

How To Play: Teachers will split students into two teams. There will be a sponge with water next to...

water team-building camp active outdoors multiple-teams quick some-mess under-20-dollars

Duck Duck Splash

How to Play: This game is basically Duck Duck Goose except instead of tapping the persons head and saying...

water icebreakers camp large-groups circle outdoors cooperative quick some-mess under-20-dollars

Human Target

This is a very simple game (really an activity) which can be used to review information you have taught. 1....

active junior water play-anywhere up-front-duel quick no-mess no-cost

Slippery Races

The concept is, put a tarp down with some water and at least 2 bottles of dishwashing liquid, so it...

water camp active outdoors multiple-teams long extreme-mess over-20-dollars

Make A Volcano: Chemistry

In a tall jug (clear is best) put in 100ml of vinegar and drop in a TBSN of baking...

water team-building small-groups simulation large-groups outdoors all-on-all quick some-mess no-cost

Hose Water Limbo

A wet twist on the classic dance floor challenge

non-contact water relaxed junior outdoors all-on-all quick some-mess no-cost

Sponge Relay Race

A great water-based relay, perfect for a hot day

water active outdoors multiple-teams quick some-mess no-cost

Water Balloon Toss

Always first "water balloon" game that comes to mind

water active junior camp outdoors multiple-teams quick some-mess under-20-dollars

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