An active, team-building, wide, sports game

Also known as: Netball in the Dark

How To Play Niteball

Materials Needed

2 packets of wristband type glow sticks
2 round plastic garbage bins
1 light-up soccer ball (from toy store or big w) (the ball has three settings, on, flicker & strobe. the flicker and strobe ad difficulty)
a stack of chairs (10-12)

Sticky-tape a ring of glow-sticks to the opening of the bins, one colour per bin. then place the bins on a stack of say 6 chairs (to give it some height). Divide your youth group into 2 teams. Each team has their own coloured glow-stick wristband on. (For example: one red, one green)

Normal netball rules. Don't run with the ball. No contact.

To score, the ball must enter the bin. First to ten wins!

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on 14 May 2009


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Turn this into Crab Soccer, this can minimize speed and momentum, it can actually make it more difficult, but more easy for others to play the game that may not have the skill to play net ball or soccer itself.

Posted by Hammer 7 years ago

omg best game ever thanks u gave us so many ideas

Posted by amy 11 years ago

Or with a glow in the dark frisbee - kmart and anaconda have them

Posted by Matt 14 years ago

Really dangerous as 2 people got knocked out when we played it!

Posted by mahunad habib 14 years ago

This also is an awesome game when played with a soccer ball - and you put glowsticks on the goal posts, players and ball.
- one thing to note, you need to have firm rules as accountability goes out the window once the kids know they cant be identified!

Posted by St John's Youth, Mona Vale NSW 15 years ago
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