Easter Games
Easter Games

Easter games and activites for kids church, youth group and family events

Egg-citing ideas that bring new life and energy

Easter is an important season of the year - we remember and reflect on Jesus' death on the cross and celebrate in His resurection and the new life that it brings us. For churches, youth groups and kids clubs, it's a special time to bring people together. Easter events can be filled with solemn reflection and great joy at the same time - so it's important to choose games and activities appropriately, depending on the type of Easter event you're running.

These great easter themed games and ideas are also perfect for family gatherings and for playing with your kids in the backyard too. Some families love to play an annual Easter game - maybe easter egg decorating followed by an egg roll.

Remember - if you've got any great ideas for more Easter games that you'd like to share with the community, please contribute here.

Chocolate Easter Egg Relay Race

Divide the group into teams. Each team needs to line up behind a bucket and have a spoon to use. A few metres away, on the other side of the playing area, set up a bowl with an even number of small chocolate easter eggs for each team.

When the...

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Easter Egg Hunt

An easter egg hunt is always a favourite easter activity for children and youth. Whether it's played in your back yard, in a park or around the church grounds - it always results in smiles and laughter. Make it as simple or as elaborate as you like, just be sure to make sure there is plenty of chocolate!

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Egg and Spoon Race

An all-time classic, the egg and spoon race fits perfectly into the Easter "egg" theme and is a great game for a backyard family get together or an Easter themed youth group event. Couple this with an easter egg decorating session at the start and you've got yourself an easter extravanganza.

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Chocolate Bingo

This bingo variation is a perfect game for Easter but could really be adapted for any occasion or topic.

Firstly, come up with a variety of chocolate types or easter egg chocolate types and put them up on a screen or a board so everyone can see. Then hand everyone...

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Rolling Egg Bocce

If you're looking for something new and different to try, this fun variant on bocce can be played outdoors or indoors. Players gently roll eggs across a flat surface to land their egg as close to the "jack" egg as possible. Perfect for younger kids as well.

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Egg Shell Towers

To play this game, you'll definitely need to source a good supply of store bought plastic egg shells. Once you've got them - you're good to go. A good way for kids to burn their energy and come down from their sugar high after the easter egg hunt.

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Hot Cross Bun Eating Competition

Who doesn't love a hot cross bun at Easter time. Get your group to compete in a race to finish eating a hot cross bun the fastest. And while everyone has their mouths full, maybe it's a opportunity for a talk on the importance of the cross and Jesus?!

Bunny Hop Sack Race

Everyone remembers the classic "sack race" from every family fun day event that's ever been run. Put an easter spin on that by getting your group to dress up as rabbits and compete in the Easter bunny hop race. Bonus points if contestants need to earn their victory by eating an entire carrot after the race!

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Chocolate Easter Egg Throw

Players pair up and stand opposite one another a few metres apart. Each pair is given a chocolate easter egg. Each round requires the players to throw the egg to one another once. If a pair drops their egg, they are out. If they catch it, they stay in. Every round, called out by the referee, the pairs need to talk a step back to get further and further apart. The pair that stays in the longest will win the prize. Of what? Of more easter eggs of course!

In The Tomb, Out of the Tomb

Lean into the resurrection tomb theme by playing this game. Best used as an activity that points towards Jesus and reminds players of the joy that comes from knowing the tomb is empty and Jesus has risen!

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Easter Egg Decorating

Hard boil a bunch of eggs and then set your kids up with a selection of paints, glitter, glue and coloured markers. Let the creative fun begin. If you've got a competitive group or they need some extra motivation, why not judge the end results and award a prize for the best decorated.

Egg Roulette

Did someone say eggs? If you've got a particularly daring group, then this game of chance and risk is perfect for you. Players take turns smashing eggs on their heads - some are hard boiled and some aren't! Prepare for a big mess to clean up.

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New Life Tag

This Easter-themed variant on tag (or chasey) challenges the person who is "it" to tag people as quickly as possible. Once a player is tagged, they must head to the tomb where they wait for 3 minutes before coming back to life again. If the person who is "it" can get everyone else out at once, they win!

Team Architect

Another "egg" themed activity - team architect can involve groups working together to create an egg parachute to protect their egg from breaking when dropped from a certain height.

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Easter Egg Nose Roll Race

Line up a collection of large easter eggs or hard-boiled eggs at the starting line. Start the race and players must aim to be the first to roll their easter egg over the finishing line using only their nose! It's more challenging than it sounds.

Bunny Hop Race

First, players must tie their ankles together using some rope or a stretchy band. Then line them all up at the starting line. When the race begins, players must "bunny hop" their way to the finish line, with the hands up on their heads as their "bunny ears" too of course. The first bunny to hop over the finish line, wins the Easter Bunny Hop Race!

Easter Themed Pictionary

Come up with a list of easter-themed words for a round of pictionary or sculptionary. Teams must work together to compete against the other teams to be the first team to work through all of the easter words. Make the words as easy or as challenging as you like.

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