Hide the Thimble

An active, camp game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play Hide the Thimble

Materials Needed

Thimble (or any object to hide)

This party game is fairly simple in it's rule but comes with a few variations to keep it fresh.

Firstly, one player gets to hide the thimble (or any small object) in a room while all the other players must wait outside. Once the thimble is hidden, the hider calls in the other players and they immediately begin to search for the hidden thimble. The first player to find it wins, and then they can hide it for the next game.

It can be helpful to set clear guidelines about where it can be hidden - for example: its hidden in plain sight without opening any cupboards/drawers/boxes.

Some versions of the game, usually played with only a few "seekers", the hider will call out temperature clues to the seekers while they're looking. The closer they get to the thimble, the hotter their temperature becomes. If they're far away, they'd be "freezing cold". As they start to head in the right direction, they'll become "cold", "warm", "warmer", and "hot"! This temperature variant can also be done where a single seeker wears a blindfold and is only guided by the temperature clues being called out.

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