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Don't know where to start? Try these helpful suggestions.

Pick a random game!

If you really don't know where to start or what game to pick then try taking a chance by using the "Game Randomiser" link in the top menu. We'll pick a random youth group activity, game or idea for you out of our extensive collection... and if you don't like it, then just click it again. Show me a random game!

Indoor youth group games

Perfect for a times when the weather is too rainy, too cold or too windy! These active indoor youth group games and inside activities will warm everyone up. View indoor youth group games

Outdoor youth group games

These active outdoor youth group games, action game ideas and outside activities are great for when the weather is fine and when you've got a large youth group to keep active. View outdoor youth group games

Youth group ice breaker games

Youth Group Games has a huge range of icebreaker games for youth ministry, youth programs and groups. "ice breakers" are games or activities that help people get to know each other (or "break the ice") at group functions, parties and events. Youth group games icebreakers are also great team building activities and team building games. View youth group icebreaker games

Team building games

Need some new ideas to help build a team environment? Try out some of these effective team building youth ideas and team activities. Perfect for your youth program - allow the kids an opportunity to develop stronger relationships with those around them with a good team building activity. These effective team building ideas, team building ice breakers and team building exercises provide ways to maximise the bonding opportunity whether in a corporate, youth or social group situation. View team building games

Youth group balloon games

For something a bit different, why not try playing some group balloon games. Balloons are cheap to buy and fun to play with. View balloon games and activities

Church youth group games

Christian youth and youth ministry will benefit greatly from these youth bible games and youth activities that help kids in youth programs learn about God and the Bible. If you run a youth program then these youth ideas and youth group games are an excellent weekly youth ministry resource. View youth bible games

Youth group wide games

These wide group games are good for youth camps, church camps, school camps and youth retreats. Camp wide games like capture the flag and storm the lantern can be found amoung the many youth camp ideas listed on this site. View wide games

Top ten ice breaker games

There are so many ice breaker ideas for kids, children and adults floating around so we thought we'd complile a list of our top ten icebreaker games. The list includes team ice breakers, small group ice breakers and more. View our top ten icebreaker games

Youth group ideas

Need some ideas for your youth ministry or youth group and don't know where to start? View our extensive range of group game ideas, activity ideas, workshop ideas, youth group ice breaker ideas, youth ministry games and program ideas. View youth group ideas

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