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Play Dough Pictionary

Split the group into groups of about 5 pleople and distribute them around the room. Each group is given a...

team-building junior icebreakers duel artistic active video-call play-anywhere multiple-teams quick some-mess under-20-dollars

Skit Night

We came up with this at our first lock-in 3 years ago and it is one of our most requested...

team-building small-groups icebreakers camp artistic active night play-anywhere multiple-teams long some-mess no-cost

Just Dance Live

Based on the game for Kinnect or Wii, this is a simple fun, high energy group game for your...

music icebreakers artistic active large-groups play-anywhere all-on-all standard no-mess no-cost

Chalk Challenge Path

Kids complete a series of simple hopscotch-like actions. Perfect for junior youth and preschoolers. Use chalk to draw up...

artistic small-groups active junior outdoors cooperative quick no-mess no-cost

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