Laser Grid

An active simulation night game for junior youth

How To Play Laser Grid

Materials Needed

Red string, twine or wool
Plenty of chairs, tables and other furniture


You'll need to allow a decent amount of time to set this game up. Firstly, create a play-zone by spreading out various chairs, tables and furniture around the edges. Secondly, get then red twine and start creating your laser grid by looping it through and around all the furniture legs. Ensure it's pulled tightly so it doesn't sag down. Once you've finished the laser grid, it's worth taking some time to test out the difficulty level. Will a player be able to make it from one side to the other without touching the twine? Are the gaps big enough for the sizes of the players? Is the zone big enough to cater for multiple players?


The rules of play are simple - players need to take it turns to make it from one side of the laser grid to the other... without touching the red twine! If they knock the twine, they'll need to come back to the start and try again.

There are a few different ways to play the game:

Prize Challenge
Players take turns individually to cross the laser grid. The person who makes it through in the fastest time and/or least amount of tries wins.

A Race
Ensure the course is big enough for two people to attempt it at the same time and then get them to race. If playing in teams, it could be done as a relay race.

If playing the game with younger children, it can be worth giving players a certain amount of chances. This way, if they knock the twine, they can carry on until they've used up all their chances.


Maximise the impact of this game by playing it in the dark using glow-in-the-dark string instead of the red twine. You can buy some via Amazon or try painting normal twine with glow-in-the-dark spray paint. You could even try using white twine with a black light on. A few different options to think about depending on what kind of budget you have.

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