Chocolate Games for Easter

Nine fun chocolate challenge games perfect for Easter

One rather big part of Easter is chocolate. We've collected a few of our favourite chocolate-based games and challenges for you to play at your next Easter gathering. Whether it's for your family in the backyard, your youth group in the church hall or for your scout meet at the camp ground, these chocolate challenges are sure to get everyone licking their lips.

Easter Egg Hunt

An easter egg hunt is always a favourite easter activity for children and youth. Whether it's played in your back yard, in a park or around the church grounds - it always results in smiles and laughter. You can make it as simple or as challenging as you'd like, depending on the age of the people playing. We've got plenty of ideas so follow the link to read the instructions.

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Mix & Meet

Mix and meet involves handing out a random selection of coloured chocolate button candy (ie. M&Ms or wrapped easter eggs) to each person in your small group. Then each colour is assigned a "get to know you" topic like favourite food or embarassing memory. Every person simply takes a turn to share something on the topic for all the coloured candies in their hand. A fantastic ice breaker game that is perfect for Easter.

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Chocolate Game

When a game is titled "The Chocolate Game" you just know it's the definitive game for eating chocolate. For a fun and competitive game that works for any occasion, especially Easter, you need look no further than this game. Players it in a circle and take turns rolling a dice, with a lucky number allowing a player a chance to eat the chocolate block in the middle of the circle. However, it's not that simple because they need to dress up and use a knife and fork before they can start!

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Easter Egg Bucket Throw

Divide players into teams and give each team a packet of cheap wrapped easter eggs. Place a bucket a few metres away and start a timer. Each team competes to throw as many of their easter eggs into the bucket as possible, with only one person throwing at a time. At the end of the time limit, the winning team with the most eggs in their bucket would win a prize of more chocolate of course! Such a simple game that could be played in the backyard for a family Easter gathering, in a hall for a church youth group or in a lounge room for an Easter party.

Easter Egg Long Distance Throw and Catch

Get everyone to pair up and then provide each pair with a wrapped chocolate easter egg. Each pair starts one metre away from one another. The person with the egg now throws it to the other person who has to catch it. If it is successfully thrown and caught, the pair both need to take a step back. The process repeats. The pair that get the furthest distance apart with a successful throw and catch wins! A perfect chocolate based game for families or youth groups alike.

Chocolate Wafer Jenga

You know how Jenga works right? Well who says you can't play the same game with chocolate wafers! Buy some cheap chocolate wafers and build up a jenga-style tower. Then all the players need to take it in turns to remove a wafer from the tower without the tower falling over. If they successfully remove their wafer, they can eat it! Of course, if the tower falls the wafers can be quickly gathered and eaten or you can re-stack ready for another game.

Cream Cakes

This fun chocolate game works best with a small group of people, allowing a small number of players to face-off against one another. It's a really good for an Easter family gathering. You'll need some paper plates, some whipped cream in a can, and some small chocolates (chocolate buttons, M&Ms, unwrapped easter eggs etc.) Set up some paper plates and just before you're about to start, load them up with whipped cream and scatter an even amount of the chocolates over the top. Then say "go!" and players must race to find and eat all their chocolates. The game finishes with a perfect photo opportunitiy as players will all have cream-covered faces.

Oreo Towers

This game is going to be best to play if there is a super cheap sale on Oreo biscuits. Divide all the players into teams and provide each team with a few packets of Oreo biscuits. Set a time limit and let the challenge begin - the team that builds the tallest standing tower out of oreos wins.

Tim Tam Slam-Off

A great chocolate-based challenge that involves using a chocolate wafer style biscuit (called a Tim Tam) to drink up as much hot chocolate milk as possible.

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