About Youth Group Games

Youth Group Games is here to provide you with an expansive, filterable collection of games to play at youth groups, youth camps, scout meets, events, parties and more.

I'm Joel - a full-time web developer and sometimes youth-leader. The inspiration for forming this website came through a collision of my passions for games, fun, websites and organisation.

It all began back in 2006, as a bloated spreadsheet full of game names and some very basic categorisation. The following year brought about the next logical step - the spreadsheet evolved into a website backed by a database with a more powerful search interface. YouthGroupGames.com.au was born! Since then, the Youth Group Games website has gone through several face lifts and has grown in quality, quantity and features. We hope to continue to grow the website to better serve the worldwide community of game-players!

I hope you find this to be a helpful tool. I'm always open to new ideas and constructive feedback so please feel free to contact me. Thanks for being a part of the Youth Group Games community.