Glowstick Grab

An active, team-building, wide, night game

How To Play Glowstick Grab

Materials Needed

Glow Sticks

Divide the youth into teams of 5-8 people. You will need 6-7 glowsticks per team, in as many colours as there are teams; but make sure each team has the same amount. Choose one person to take the glowsticks and hide them around the church.

Each team chooses one person to be their glowstick king/queen who will choose a spot to hide and wait for the other team-mates to bring him or her their glowsticks.

The leaders will be the “taggers” and will walk around trying to find and tag the youth. If someone is tagged the leader will put a mark on their hand with a marker and he or she will have to go back to a central meeting spot (starting point of game where glowsticks should not be hidden) to get the mark crossed off with another mark, and if the tagged youth has a glowstick, they will have to surrender it to the leader to be re-hidden.

Each youth cannot carry more than one glowstick at a time, although if they are being chased, they are allowed to pass it back and forth.

Once a team's king/queen has all of the glowsticks from that team, they must take them back to the central meeting spot, without getting tagged. At this point they may carry more than one glowstick.

Leaders are also not allowed to puppy-guard outside of any room, they must be moving around.

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