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How To Play Camoflauge

1. Pick a person to be it (Maybe a leader for the first round)
2. Everyone else hides in a large area, with the It in the middle as they count down from 20/25.
3. With their feet planted to the ground the It person can pivot around to try and see people who might be hiding behind stuff. They call out what that person is wearing and where they are hiding.
4. The person either comes out on their own or a leader checks to see if there is actually someone back there.
5. If the It can't find anyone they call Food and Water. All players run and tap the It's hand and find a different hiding spot. Every time food and water is called 5 seconds is taken off. so the first one could be 20 seconds, the next one 15.
6. Once there is only a few (2-3) people remaining hiding the It will call out Numbers and hold up their fingers. The people who are still hiding will peak out and try to see what the number is. The It will try to see them.
7. At the end the It can ask the remaining players what number they saw. Whoever gets it right wins.
Note: If you don't want to play with outs, players can come back in on the next food and water.
If playing in the night give the It a high powered flashlight or standing in a dimly lit area.

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on 13 March 2020

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