Sponge Ball Skirmish

An active team-building night game

How To Play Sponge Ball Skirmish

Materials Needed

30 x Sponge Balls
Chairs, Tables etc for bases

2 teams, each team sets up a base on either side of the hall/playing area with limited about of objects.

When the game starts both teams throw the sponge-balls at each other to get the entire other team out. If a person is hit by a sponge-ball and fails to catch it, they are out. If a sponge-ball is caught when thrown from the other team the thrower is out, also one member from the catcher's team may come back in. Whoever has been out the longest comes back in.

Added by
Nick van Ruth
on 19 September 2007


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is it thrown with a wet sponge?

Posted by lily 5 years ago

Basically dogeball.

Posted by VicTORRRRRRRRRR 7 years ago
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