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This is a similar concept to the Iron Chef on TV and can be run in two different ways:...

team-building food artistic large-groups indoors multiple-teams long extreme-mess over-20-dollars

Gum Boot Goop

Each team of four has a pair of boots. For each round, they nominate a player to answer a...

team-building food active play-anywhere multiple-teams standard extreme-mess over-20-dollars

Egg and Custard Game

This is a wide game that we play across the grounds of a school, best done at night time....

wide team-building active outdoors multiple-teams long some-mess over-20-dollars

Table Topics

This is an excellent ice breaker activity in it's simplest form! If you haven't heard of "Table Topics" before,...

small-groups junior icebreakers relaxed non-contact play-anywhere cooperative standard no-mess over-20-dollars

Jello Night

This is done during Holy Week. Kids wear old clothes and bring a change of clothes. For the week...

food large-groups indoors multiple-teams long extreme-mess over-20-dollars


Bases An Outdoor Team Game Overview: Bases is a fast-paced outdoor game that combines elements of Capture the Flag,...

wide team-building active large-groups outdoors multiple-teams standard no-mess over-20-dollars

Giant Twister

1) Use just like Twister except you can get around 30 kids on a time. 2) Make 2 teams start them at each...

camp active play-anywhere up-front-duel long no-mess over-20-dollars

The Human Slingshot

It's an exhilarating, fast-paced game that involves four people slinging each other back and forth within a human sized...

team-building small-groups icebreakers active indoors cooperative long no-mess over-20-dollars

Bag Of Goodies

Gather all kinds of really horrible foods - ones that are quick to open and eat. For instance, baby...

team-building food active play-anywhere up-front-duel standard extreme-mess over-20-dollars

Mash the Mush

This is a messy food youth group game with an ultimate surprise at the end! First you mix up...

food duel camp play-anywhere up-front-duel quick extreme-mess over-20-dollars

Extreme Cake Decorating

This game requires a fair bit of trouble and preparedness, but it's worth it if you have the time....

team-building small-groups food duel artistic indoors multiple-teams long extreme-mess over-20-dollars

Burger Chef

Create work stations in your venue to allow groups to work in relative privacy. Divide the youth group in...

team-building small-groups food duel large-groups indoors multiple-teams long extreme-mess over-20-dollars

Hungry Hungry Humans

Setup: First you make a very large circle of chairs, or tables on their sides. This can also be...

active circle duel large-groups mini-olympics sports play-anywhere multiple-teams standard no-mess over-20-dollars

Reformation - The Wide Game

This is a wide game that we played on our last youth camp. It should run for a couple...

wide simulation large-groups camp outdoors multiple-teams long no-mess over-20-dollars

The Ball Game

This may look like a regular game, but it's a prank in actuality. It should be performed in front...

active camp large-groups play-anywhere up-front-duel quick no-mess over-20-dollars

Slippery Races

The concept is, put a tarp down with some water and at least 2 bottles of dishwashing liquid, so it...

water camp active outdoors multiple-teams long extreme-mess over-20-dollars


The long-time favourite American classic game of Cornhole, otherwise known as beanbag toss or sack toss, is a fantastic...

mini-olympics sports team-building duel active non-contact indoors multiple-teams standard some-mess over-20-dollars

Christmas Gift Giving

Live out the focus of Christmas by working together to give gifts to others in need

team-building food small-groups relaxed artistic indoors cooperative long some-mess over-20-dollars

All Wrapped Up

Teams compete to be the fastest to wrap up a "human gift"

active play-anywhere multiple-teams quick extreme-mess over-20-dollars

Secret Santa

Participants give and receive gifts without knowing who gave which gift!

large-groups small-groups relaxed play-anywhere all-on-all standard no-mess over-20-dollars

Egg Shell Towers

Teams have a cracking time racing each other to build the tallest tower

relaxed junior duel indoors multiple-teams quick no-mess over-20-dollars