A Light In Darkness

An active team-building night game for large groups

How To Play A Light In Darkness

Materials Needed

Glow in the dark bracelets or necklaces, 2-3 dark robes, 2-3 masks, cross with any kind of light attached to it.

This is a great, fun game for leading into topics like spiritual warfare, reaching the lost, etc.

This is best played with low lights and room to run and hide. You will need enough glow bracelets for everyone once they, "find the light". It also helps to have hooded robes for the demons.

1. Use a cross with a light attached. Everyone starts out being, "lost" in the dark with a base of some kind where they return to if caught. You can either chose 2-3, "demons" beforehand or have some surprise guest adults join in as demons. (our youth loved this!)

2. The lost are looking for the lighted cross. While they are looking the demons can tag them and escort them back to base where they have to stay for a 5 minutes or have them do jumping jacks, etc.

3. If the lost find the lighted cross, a helper at the cross will give them a glow bracelet signifying they, "have the found the light" as Christians. The helper will also give the lighted ones a prayer on a piece of paper they have to read out loud to chase off demons trying to stop them. The helper also gives them a paper slip with a CLUE for the lost as to where the lighted cross can be found. We used Scripture as a clue.

4. The lighted Christians now try to find the lost and give them the clue to the lighted cross. The demons have to work in pairs to harass Christians but can go solo to catch the lost.

5. The goal is to seek and save the lost. A variation is to only give out a few bracelets and to have the Christians try to get as many lost to the cross as they can. The lost also can have the option of staying or leaving once they got to the cross.

6. Most importantly, be sure to talk it over with youth when done. Ask questions about parallels with facing real fear, evil, having the light of Christ, etc. As a leader be sure to have Scripture on hand to support answers and dialogue. Have fun!


Spiritual warfare, reaching the lost, light of the world

Added by
Aaron Kilbourn
on 5 March 2010


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Quick question, do you hide the cross or do you place it where the light can be seen in the dark room?

Posted by Rene 2 years ago

This is a great game with a real godly principle, which we need today. Our fight is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and we need to be the light for others who don't know the way. Thank you. God bless you and will definitely use it in our youth.

Posted by Maria 4 years ago

My dad is a priest and I told him about this and let me teach my class in the church THANK YOU GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Posted by Amy Lavatorial 6 years ago

thank you... i needed this for our youth counselor hunt variation..thanks God bless!!!

Posted by Anon 10 years ago

Wow awsomse very beautiful idea.

Posted by Ermithe 10 years ago

We don't have a really dark room in our church

Posted by Pasteur Paul 12 years ago

God bless you, What a beautiful idea!

Posted by Margaret 12 years ago

My group loved this game. We had a back to school lock-in that lasted all night so we played this game at one in the morning when it was really dark and we used the entire church grounds. We didn't have any demons but it still worked. This was perfect to lead us into our lesson and the kids opened up better. Out of all the games we played that night all the kids agreed that this was their favorite. Thank you! <3

Posted by Kirsten 12 years ago

I tried this game for my youth group, it went perfect with the theme for the evening. Which was Matthew 5:16, and it was a Back to School service where we all came dressed in army fatigues and this game was a blast. It was the perfect ice breaker before the word. I modified it a bit, but it was great since we had already planned on having the neon bracelets because of the verse. Thanks for this idea. God bless

Posted by Wendy 13 years ago

Thanks so much for this idea!! I'm excited to see how it goes!! ^_^

Posted by Shaneel 14 years ago

This is just what I was looking for thank you so much and god bless! :) =) ;)

Posted by Avery Griggs 14 years ago
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