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How To Play Sardines

This is a game that we always play at my youth group. I guess it's kind of a reverse version of Hide and Seek - because the whole group is looking for just one person.

So, one youthian is chosen by a leader to go and hide anywhere within the allocated boundaries (we play inside and outside) while the rest of the group waits for a couple minutes. When the time is up the entire group spreads out a looks for the hidden person. If a player finds them, they do not yell out and let everyone know, they just have to continue to hide with them. (Thus - Sardines) The last person to find them loses, and the first person to find them gets to hide in the next round.

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on 24 September 2007


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this game is fun just to play with three people its more competitive that way

Posted by charishforever 5 years ago

Actually when I played it many years ago, the more people you had in one spot, the more challenging and more fun. We once put like 60 people in our baptism. It was so much fun!

Posted by Angie 13 years ago

The kids at our youth group ADORE this game, however tonight, one of the boys broke a shelf while trying to climb up on top of a cabinet to find a good spot to hide. He was so upset. Unfortunately, we won't be playing this anymore.

Posted by Hannah Rose 14 years ago

Have played this many times with the kids in our church. It is great if you can turn out all the lights. It is one of the regular favourites of the kids.

Posted by Paul 15 years ago

Grace that is awesome.... our youth group is a bit too big for just one person to hide, unless you want like 50 ppl in one spot, which just wouldn't work for the game that so that is a really cool idea with two single genders hiding. always brings a bit of energy into the game :D

Posted by Nicole 15 years ago

This is a good game to play with just girls or just guys; the teens seemed to take advantage of it when it was dark and they were squished together. I played so I know - one guy hid, and when a girl found him they liked having to squish with him. Then a guy would come and squish with the girl - it was fun, but was mostly being played just so the girls could squish with the guys and vice-versa; not okay!

Because this was happening, we switched it to one guy and one girl hiding separately, and the girls had to find the girl and hide with them, and the guys had to find the guy and hide with them. Whichever group was completely hid first won - this was more competitive and worked a lot better! =D

Posted by Grace 15 years ago

When my youth group plays this, we turn out all the lights in the entire church and play it in the pitch black. The kids love it.

Posted by Anna 15 years ago
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