Activity Guide for Families at Home

Activity Guide for Families at Home

A resource of games, activities and ideas to keep your family and children entertained and educated during self-isolation, social distancing, quarantine or lockdown.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic has brought about unprecedented scenarios for individuals and families throughout the world. Impacted countries are enforcing and recommending self-isolation and social distancing.

This means:

  • Workers are working remotely from home
  • Children are kept home from schools, childcare, preschools and kindergartens
  • Churches and youth groups are meeting online via video chat
  • Video calls are primary form of "face to face" communication

Families all over the world are essentially stuck at home indefinitely, keeping a physical distance from others outside of their home.

Which brings forth the questions:

  • How will families keep their kids entertained?
  • How will everyone avoid going stir crazy from being house-bound in quarantine?
  • What activities could parents do with their children to make the most of the time together?
  • Are their educational ideas or games that might help fill the gap left from missing school?
  • What will online meetings look like for youth groups, churches, scout groups and sporting clubs?

To help everyone out - we've developed this useful resource. Click through the following topics for plenty of games and activities to keep you going through Covid-19 self-isolation.

Other collections in this pack:

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