Memory games for junior youth

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Memory Verse Basketball

Divide the group into two teams. Print out a memory verse and cut it up so there is one...

sports memory junior play-anywhere multiple-teams quick no-mess no-cost

Bop It

I have no idea why this game works, but it does! Kids are sitting in a circle on chairs....

memory junior play-anywhere cooperative quick no-mess no-cost

Balloon Pop

A fantastic balloon game to help with learning memory verses! Put each word of the memory verse in the...

memory junior play-anywhere all-on-all quick some-mess under-20-dollars

Jigsaw Puzzle

Write the memory verse on large paper and cut it into a puzzle. Get the kids to put the...

memory junior large-groups play-anywhere cooperative quick no-mess no-cost

Pass the Parcel Memory

Similar to pass the parcel, except instead of lollies, kids receive a word of the memory verse, which is...

memory junior large-groups play-anywhere all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

No Sir, Not I Sir (Prince of Paris)

This is a high paced game of concentration and reaction time. The goal of the game is to become #1...

small-groups memory junior circle active indoors all-on-all standard no-mess no-cost

Bible Solving

This can be an in-lesson game, or just a game with a lesson. It's a game where you have...

icebreakers junior memory small-groups indoors all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

Monsters inc. (sully says)

Works very similar to Simon says or just as a fun way of keeping everyone warm without the sully...

active drama icebreakers junior large-groups memory small-groups team-building non-contact indoors all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

Chalk Memory Verses

Firstly, ensure there's a plentiful supply of colourful sidewalk chalk for everyone to access. Then encourage the kids (individually...

junior small-groups relaxed artistic memory outdoors cooperative standard some-mess under-20-dollars

Favorite Things Memory Game

Everyone shares their favorite thing and they race to see who can remember first

no-prep junior circle small-groups memory icebreakers indoors all-on-all standard no-mess no-cost

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