Five Tribes

An active, wide, camp, night game

How To Play Five Tribes

Materials Needed

different coloured flags/cloth strips/ like flag football flags.enough for all the players in the different colours of teams, plus extra

Broom sticks in gravel buckets with flags of all the teams colours tied on it. plus one extra for the lost tribe


score table

Five tribes

night game

5 teams of 2 cabins (about 20 kids each)

each team has its own colour and home base

everyone will have a tail their colour

teams are trying to capture other teams home bases

To Capture a base a person must get to it and tie their colour ribbon at the top of the stick

ever player will have a tail that is their colour to tag a player you need to pull their tail out once you have done that then you must bring the tagged player to the point table to get a point at this point the tagged player gets his tail back and can run off

at the end of the game the team with the most home bases will gain bonus points

There is one hidden base the lost tribes base this is worth bonus points

there will be three- four staff with white tails they are the lost tribe their tails are worth x2

Players can not be tagged if they are escorting someone to the points table you can only tag one person at a time.

You may not remove other teams flags from the base you can only move yours too the top

You can not tag a person and move your flag at the same time

bases are just broom stick in a bucket of rocks with all the coloured flags on it.

Homebase should have a ring of cones around it that the defending kids can’t go into unless they are strealing a players flag.

Lost tribe doesn’t need to bring back campers they can keep the flags.

If a kid loses their flag to a lost tribe person they get one negative point from the points people and they get a new flag.

remind them not to tie crazy knots in the home base flags just slide the flags down and tie yours to the top

also their flags should hang about knee length and not be tied to them


fun, running around, team work

Added by
The DishRacktion
on 26 April 2019


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Yes you can get your base back all you have to do is retie your flag at the top

Posted by TheDishRacktion 4 years ago

Once you lose your home base can you get it back?

Posted by Chris 4 years ago
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