An active, wide, camp, night game

How To Play Commando

Materials Needed

A large open space, hiding spots are necessary

This one is insanely popular with all ages. Minimum age of 7 or 8 is recommend as anything younger is hard to teach.

This game is basically hide and seek meets red light green light. Choose a counter (preferably a leader/staff member). Their job is to regulate the game and call people out.

Pick 5-7 checkpoints in a circular shape spread out around the start/finish zone. These points can be cones laid out or 'that garbage can near the light post' or 'that large tree.'

The goal of the runners is to tag all the points and get back to the start zone without being seen by the counter. The counter must remain firmly in the same spot. The runners start running when the counter yells out a number. The counter will choose a number in their head (never less than five, usually never more than ten). He/she will then close his/her eyes and yell out that number very loudly followed by either 'fast', 'medium', or 'slow'. this dictates how many times the counter will say the word 'DOT' in between numbers

Fast = one DOT
Medium = two DOTS
Slow = three DOTS

For example, if the counter yells 'SIX MEDIUM', they will then yell out 'SIX DOT DOT FIVE DOT DOT FOUR DOT DOT THREE DOT DOT TWO DOT DOT ONE DOT DOT UP'

Once the counter opens their eyes, they call out people they see. It's the runner's objective to be hidden from the counter's central point of view. The counter looks around for 5-20 seconds, thinks of another number, yells it, and starts counting again.

The tricky part is the counter isn't trying to get people out, just regulating the game. The counter can know someone is hiding behind that tree/wall/bush, but if they can't see the runner, that runner is safe.

If you're playing with a large group, do a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

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on 21 June 2014


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I've updated the game description to fix those broken characters. It's all good now!

Posted by Joel 3 years ago

Hey there! I’m the one who posted this game. Yeah I posted it years ago and for some reason, various grammar marks turned into question marks. Feel free to ask any follow up questions

Posted by Waters 3 years ago

The question marks are apostophes that, for whatever reason, weren't recognised as such and were replaced.

Posted by Stevo 3 years ago

I played it and no one got it and when we thought we got it up and running it really was not the best.

Posted by Joe McDonald 4 years ago

The explanation Mark's I believe are typos

Posted by Monika 5 years ago

What do the question marks mean? :)

Posted by Hermione Granger 6 years ago

We added to this game by taking out large cardboard boxes, sheets, canes etc and allowing the children to build shelters and hiding places around the area. Half the fun is building the hiding spots.
Every one is crazy keen to play and when ever I take my class out to play it I am always joined by another class who want to join in!

Posted by Amanda Dunning 7 years ago

I played this with my 8 and 9 year olds today, they loved it!

Posted by adunning 7 years ago

This is really good! a must have for a youth group game for getting to know names. it really works!

Posted by Theresa 7 years ago

complicated but so fun

Posted by post-it-note 8 years ago


Posted by Benny Boo 8 years ago
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