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Poetry in Motion

This is a nice quiet activity when you've got a small cozy group and have some time to kill....

junior icebreakers relaxed artistic circle play-anywhere up-front-duel standard no-mess no-cost

Lego Brick Testament Bible Story

1. Find the story or book of the Bible you want to teach to your group at

junior duel relaxed artistic indoors cooperative quick no-mess under-20-dollars


This game is called "Creationary" and works in a similar way to pictionary and sculptionary. You'll need a random...

team-building relaxed artistic large-groups indoors multiple-teams standard some-mess no-cost

Telephone Pictionary

This group game could be used as an ice breaker game or just as a relaxed game. It's a...

memory icebreakers relaxed artistic circle play-anywhere multiple-teams quick no-mess no-cost

The Ultimate Quiz

Divide the group into teams of between 5 and ten people (If you are running a camp with small groups,...

team-building icebreakers relaxed camp artistic large-groups indoors multiple-teams long no-mess no-cost

Poetry Jumble

The goal is to make poetry from the words provided. Out of 100 interesting words, cut-out into little squares big...

relaxed artistic duel play-anywhere up-front-duel long no-mess under-20-dollars

Fruit Surgery

This game is best played in teams of three or less. Each team will get a fruit item (banana,...

team-building food relaxed artistic play-anywhere multiple-teams quick some-mess no-cost

Paper Telephone

Ok, so we all remember the kids game telephone, where the person at the front of the line whispers...

small-groups icebreakers relaxed artistic large-groups play-anywhere all-on-all standard no-mess no-cost

Feet Pictionary

Set Up: - Divide the whole group into 2 teams, based on sides of the room. Any size youth group...

team-building junior icebreakers relaxed camp artistic play-anywhere multiple-teams standard some-mess no-cost

The Stories of Your Names

Divide group into smaller groups (3-4 people). Give each group 1 sheet of paper and a pencil. Write every person's...

icebreakers relaxed artistic team-building small-groups indoors multiple-teams standard no-mess no-cost

Newspaper Memory Verse Shuffle

Break the group into even teams and provide each group with some newspaper pages, a pair of scissors, some...

artistic relaxed memory indoors multiple-teams standard some-mess under-20-dollars

Chalk Memory Verses

Firstly, ensure there's a plentiful supply of colourful sidewalk chalk for everyone to access. Then encourage the kids (individually...

junior small-groups relaxed artistic memory outdoors cooperative standard some-mess under-20-dollars

Chalk Street Art Challenge

Divide kids into teams and hand out plenty of good quality sidewalk chalk. Explain their challenge is to come...

team-building small-groups relaxed artistic non-contact outdoors cooperative standard some-mess under-20-dollars

Christmas Gift Giving

Live out the focus of Christmas by working together to give gifts to others in need

team-building food small-groups relaxed artistic indoors cooperative long some-mess over-20-dollars

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