Easter Egg Hunt

An active, camp, night game for junior youth

How To Play Easter Egg Hunt

Materials Needed

Easter eggs

An easter egg hunt is always a favourite easter activity for children and youth. Whether it's played in your back yard, in a park or around the church grounds - it always results in smiles and laughter.

Simply hide a collection of eggs all around the playing area (often a backyard) and then you're almost ready. Before you let the children loose, it's important to explain to them any additional rules. There will likely be boundaries that need to be designated. And especially for little kids, it can be helpful to clarify the maximum number of eggs that each child is allowed to pick up. Then it's time to let the hunt begin!

If you're looking for ways to change it up a bit - here are some creative easter egg hunt ideas to get you started:

Break the kids up into teams and race them against each other. First team to find a certain number of eggs wins (some more easter eggs!?)

Easter eggs often come in a vast array of coloured wrapping. Designate a colour to each player/team and that makes it slightly more challenging as they go hunting.

Don't limit the boundaries to a smaller area - use a wider area instead. Maybe it could be an easter egg hunt all over the house, from front-yard to back-yard, or throughout the entire youth camp property.

Instead of simply hiding eggs, you can hide some clues which, when followed, lead the players to a bigger stash of eggs and chocolatey treasures.

Hide the eggs is super challenging places to get. Put an egg high up in a tree, on a hard to reach ledge, in a pipe or in a hole. The chocolate will taste even sweeter when there's a bit of hard work to get it.

Easter is about Jesus' death and resurrection and new life - which is where the symbolism of the easter eggs comes in - so why not lean into that theme and use some story to connect the easter egg hunt with the meaning behind it.

Do the easter egg hunt at night and get the kids to use torches or phone lights to go searching for the eggs in the dark.



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