Food Fright

A relaxed, food, night game for small groups

How To Play Food Fright

Materials Needed

Enough food decorating supplies for your group (see game description for more details)

Two of the major parts of halloween are creepies and candy right? Well it's time to combine the sweets, chocolate and lollies with the ghosts, ghouls and monsters.

To prepare, you'll need to buy a big variety of candy and sweets (depending on the size of your group). Things like marshmallows, skittles, liquorice, chocolate buttons, writing icing, fairy floss - whatever you can find! It's also ideal to have a base - like a cake, iced cupcakes or iced cookies - but you can still do this without.

Divide your group into teams and give each team a portion of the supplies. The challenge for each team is to use their ingredients to create the best-looking and scariest-looking monster. They can choose the colour of the frosting and decorate it however they please. When the allocated time is up, you'll need to judge the winners and award them with... all the candy!



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on 21 October 2021

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