The Ball Game

An active camp game for large groups

How To Play The Ball Game

Materials Needed

Two long rectangular tables, 1 long table cloth, 5-10 washcloths, 5-10 balls of different kinds (football, tennis ball, baseball, etc.)

This may look like a regular game, but it's a prank in actuality. It should be performed in front of an audience, and if done well, laughs are guaranteed.

1) Set up the tables so they appear linked, but with a small crack in between. Have a volunteer stand-in who is in on the joke position himself in the crack, so his head juts out between the crack. Drape the tablecloth over the set-up so the stand-in appears to be a ball under the sheet. Top the tables with several balls, draping a washcloth over each.

2) When there's any sort of gathering, tell the audience a game is about to be played. Ask for a volunteer and select someone who is unaware of the prank.

3) Explain to him that he's about to play a game called "Name That Ball," in which he has 20 seconds to hurriedly tear off the washcloths off of each ball and begin naming the ball that is shown. When he guesses correctly, he can proceed to the next ball.

4) In another variation, you're playing "Guess That Ball." Before the balls are revealed, the player has to guess which ball is underneath each washcloth. She will then take off the washcloths to see if she is correct in her guessing.

5) Either way, the same thing will happen: the player will come to the washcloth that is covering the volunteer's head. When they remove that washcloth, the volunteer will make their scariest face and scream "BOO!" in the player's face.

6) Make sure the audience can all see the player's face. That way, you'll get the most laughs.

7) Have fun!

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