Burger Chef

A team-building, food, duel game for small groups

How To Play Burger Chef

Materials Needed

Mince, burger buns, onions, eggs, breadcrumbs, condiments and fillings (the more unlikely the better).

Create work stations in your venue to allow groups to work in relative privacy. Divide the youth group in to small teams and allocate them a handful of mince (enough for one burger patty) a burger bun, and a knife. The rest of the ingredients required stay in one location as the main supply.

Designate a judge or judging panel.

Participants are to construct a burger, and the more creative and innovative in terms of ingredients and presentation, the better. Allow around 45 mins and monitor stove situation closely to make sure everyone gets to cook their burger patty and are doing so safely (in the case of a large group, some plug-in electric fry pans might be a good idea).

Present burgers for judging - prizes/ribbons are always fun!

Cutting the burgers into portions is recommended so that the team can try their burger as well as the judges.


Providing, sharing, team work, discipleship

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on 20 March 2013


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Definitely going to try this one...great idea!!!

Posted by Andrew 11 years ago

good games

Posted by atharchohan.1 11 years ago
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