Extreme Cake Decorating

A team-building, food, duel game for small groups

How To Play Extreme Cake Decorating

Materials Needed

One cake per team, a lot of icing, food colouring (red, blue, yellow & green at the least), piping bag/s, choc bits and smarties/MnM's, and any other things that you can think of.

This game requires a fair bit of trouble and preparedness, but it's worth it if you have the time. I thought it would be nice to have a relatively easy food night that resulted in something that you would actually like to eat at the end!

Create some 'work stations' in your venue, best to keep your teams in separate locations so they cannot see each other's work. Allocate each team a cake on a cutting board, a knife and a portion of icing, and some paper & a pencil if they want to draw some plans. All other materials can be shared, unless you want to supply individual portions of those as well, however I just found a heap of tiny bowls and they were able take what they needed from the main supply.

Divide your group into teams (6 or 7 would be a maximum, depending on the group), show them the setup, and emphasise that the cake does not need to remain in the circuler/rectangular shape, and can be cut up & reformed.

I found about 30-45mins was enough time, at the end place all cakes on display for judging.


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I thing the game is excellent,while i read how it was played it give me an other brilliant idea.A person can let them bake a cake,while the cake is in the oven u can read the word of God to the youth,an sing.Thank u.

Posted by marilyn 11 years ago
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