Slippery Races

An active water camp game

How To Play Slippery Races

Materials Needed

Massive tarp, a couple of buckets of water, dishwashing liquid.

The concept is, put a tarp down with some water and at least 2 bottles of dishwashing liquid, so it is really slippery. You will have to peg it down to keep it from moving. Then use this for many different games! We learned from experience that all games should be done on hands and knees.
Our tarp is 5.5m x 7.5m. We line up on the 5.5m side so there's further to "race". We had 5 going at a time and had a relay for most of the races. Some ideas for races that we did...

- crawling competition
- using only elbows and knees
- gliding race (who can glide the furthest without moving their arms or legs)
- back race (on their backs- this is actually quite difficult)

The races are great for helping the kids get a feel for their limitations to *hopefully* make the rest of the games safer...

- Breakdancing competition (if you have a beatboxer in your group, utilize them!)
- The classic "Octopus"
- Marco Polo
- Sock wrestling
- Dodgeball
- What's the time Mr Wolf

Ensure your youth group knows to wear bathers or old clothes, and to bring a towel!

We just did this as the feature for our New Years Eve party. We did it at about 10:30pm outside with headlights lighting it up! It was an absolute hit! It's kinda dangerous...but we had no major injuries. The minor injuries (scratches, carpet/grass burn, bruises, 1st January full-body aches) were 100% worth it! The tarp gets so slippery and it is just so much fun! All of our kids loved it and got full involved.

Let me know other games you incorporate into this :)


We didn't use a theme but i'm sure you could think of one :)

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