Jello Night

A food game for large groups

How To Play Jello Night

Materials Needed

Kiddie portable pool, foil wrapped easter eggs, 30 or so packs of jello (sugar free is best - less sticky), adult volunteers+++

This is done during Holy Week. Kids wear old clothes and bring a change of clothes. For the week before the congregation is asked to drop off prepared batches of jello in church kitchen. The students bring a bit each also.

The pool is in the centre of the gym and as students arrive they dump their jello contribution in. The easter eggs on the bottom of pool get gradually buried.

The students listen to rules first:no standing once jello is on floor very dangerous, crawling kneeling sliding on back okay though.

The idea is that our sinful selfish lives are a PIT (pool of jello) that trap and stifle our souls (shiny easter eggs).

The game: 2 parts:
1. Relay two teams. Students can run up to pool, use bare feet to feel around for eggs, rescue/redeem/retrieve one egg each and run back to team where relay continues on until one group wins.

2. Food fight. Rules above.

The Message:
To get out of gym back to snack area each student sits on a chair and has an adult wash their feet and tell them the easter story one on one, with the message that God went to a lot of trouble with Jesus to get our attention and that He loves that student

Cleanup: younger most youth-loving adults in church take about an hour to cleanup and then go out as a group after.

Best with large group of not squeamish students who usually bring friends out for this if for no other youth group event. If it is a small group it still is fun but adults feel it is a waste of time for fewer students.

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on 10 January 2011


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Both previous comments are not constructive criticism, if you didn't like the underlying message then simply don't put the idea in your game if ever you play it. On the other hand I think both game and idea behind the game is great. You's should be more positive:)

Posted by Tia 6 years ago

Sound like fun, but why do we have to try and spiritualize this? Can kids just have fun with water and jello?

Posted by Al 9 years ago

"The idea is that our sinful selfish lives are a PIT (pool of jello)that trap and stifle our souls (shiny easter eggs). "
wow. what a message.
this game is depressing.

Posted by elizabeth 11 years ago
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