Giant Twister

An active camp game

How To Play Giant Twister

Materials Needed

Recreate twister on a large Tarpaulin or fabric depending on if you wish to use it outdoors or indoors. I worked on duplicating the twister game six times on a large tarp.

1) Use just like Twister except you can get around 30 kids on a time.
2) Make 2 teams start them at each of the further ends. Whichever team gets the first two/three to the other side wins.
3) Battle Twister where kids block others to get them out of the game.
4) Group Battle Twister where two groups compete to get a "King/Queen" safely to the other side while attempting to "take down" other players and block the opposition "King/Queen" from making progress.


Cheating, Unity, Purpose


Added by
Scott Cron
on 23 May 2011


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Ah, ok, I see!

However, wouldn't that involve a lot of waiting time for the kids?

Posted by CKer 12 years ago

That's exactly right, same game but made on a much bigger format. You still use a spinner and call out colours and right or left hand or foot. By doing that it enables you to play all sorts of games both individual and team orientated.
On a large play area you can start a team on each end with the goal to reach the coloured dots on the opposite end first.
Battle twister is where the players attempt to block other players space so that they can't make a move and end up being eliminated.
The "King and Queen" version is where a tem needs to get thier "King" or "Queen" to the opposite end of the mat safely. It starts with two teams on either end and as they make their way accross the play area they need to try and protect the "King or Queen" so that they can get to the opposite side first. At the same time they try to get to the opposing teams "King or Queen" and cause them to get blocked or make a mistake which puts them out of the game.

I hope that makes it a bit clearer to you!

Posted by Scott Cron 12 years ago

Hmm, in the twister I know, someone spins an arrow on a special board and it can point to a certain colour and one of the limbs. Then the person it was spun for has to put that limb on that coloured circle, and it keeps going on?

Posted by CKer 12 years ago

Hi CKer
Before I elaborate further I need to know if you already know the standard game of twister?

Posted by Scott Cron 12 years ago

Could you elaborate more on this please? I don't quite get it. Thanks!

Posted by CKer 12 years ago
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