A team-building food artistic game for large groups

How To Play Cook-off

Materials Needed

Food, cooking utensils, a kitchen is always handy but if not accessible maybe just electric frypans

This is a similar concept to the Iron Chef on TV and can be run in two different ways:

Option A

Give the kids a bunch of ingredients (best to combine a few standard ingredients such as flour, pasta, tomato paste etc with a few wacky ones such as pickled gherkins, olive paste, food dye, mustard etc). No real rules to the game, just whoever comes back at the end of the night with the most edible/most creative/most innovative meal/best all-rounder wins. For this you need a panel (half the fun is watching the panel have to taste each concoction... I will never forget the blue soup I had to eat). Have judging criteria based on presentation, edibility etc.

Option B

Give the kids a three course menu and the ingredients and send them off to cook their own dinner. The benefit of doing it this way is the kids can actually eat their meals at the end of it (which also encourages them to do it well!). Same as option A, have a panel and judging criteria.

Our youth group loves this game, although be warned, it will take up an entire evening... if doing a three course meal, I recommend giving kids a time limit (e.g. by 7:30pm, entree must be served, by 8pm, main meal).

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on 2 October 2007


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having four teenage kids and one not of age to cook of our own..we gave one child each night $30 dollars to spend on a three course meal to feed the whole family ,at first wasn't so easy to create a menu and was interesting what they came up with, but with time the kids were coming up with some awesome menu's for dinner and they totally enjoyed doing it. Its fun for all and teachers the kids to budget.

Posted by sharon 11 years ago

We do it slightly different. We give each group x amount of dollars and make them run to the supermarket to buy their ingredients and make it. They have heaps of fun trying to make an awesome dish with hardly any money....i have done this night heaps of times over the years and it is a favourite..

Posted by holland 14 years ago

this game is WII Nintendo Wii

Posted by anon 15 years ago
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