Chocolate Easter Egg Relay Race

An active non-contact game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play Chocolate Easter Egg Relay Race

Materials Needed

Small chocolate easter eggs

Divide the group into teams. Each team needs to line up behind a bucket and have a spoon to use. A few metres away, on the other side of the playing area, set up a bowl with an even number of small chocolate easter eggs for each team.

When the relay race begins, the first player from each team races up to their bowl of chocolate eggs and picks one up with a spoon. Then they carry it back to their team using only the spoon and drop it in the bucket. If the egg drops off while they're running, they must return to the bowl and try again. Once they put the egg in their bucket, they hand the spoon to the next person and the race continues until the first team has successfully brought back all of their easter eggs.

Variation ideas:

1. Put obstacles in between the starting line and the easter egg bowl to make it more challenging for the racers to get back without dropping to eggs.

2. Put a line a couple metres away from the bucket at the starting line. When a player returns with an egg on their spoon, they must stop at the line and attempt to throw it into the bucket. If it misses, they must pick it up and go back to the line and try again.

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