Bucket Balance

A mini-olympics team-building water duel game

How To Play Bucket Balance

Materials Needed

plastic bucket

Get 4 kids to lie down on their backs in a small circle with their legs sticking up in the air. So their feet should be touching at the top, making a kind of table. Put the full bucket of water on here.

The aim is for all of the kids to remove their shoes in the given time limit... so this will mean keeping the balance of the bucket, while one or two players take a foot away and remove the shoe.

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on 5 November 2007


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Yall are taking the fun out of it. If you are that scared of the water element, use a bucket full of wiffle or tennis balls. All games can be modified never forget that!!

Posted by Coach Michelle 1 year ago

It sounds hard but fun!

Posted by Essy 5 years ago

Safety third!

Posted by gjoe 5 years ago

I agree with Alyce and NOT Ethan.

Posted by Calapeno 6 years ago

Let's not get too caught up in safety here, you'll never have any fun if you do!

Posted by Jocelyn 9 years ago

Kimberly, if there's not a slight element of danger, then it's not a good youth game

Posted by Ham 9 years ago

sounds funny!

Posted by Anon 10 years ago

This sounds good! Although I'm picturing a full bucket of water falling on someones face and somebody breaking their nose??

Posted by Kimberly 11 years ago

And I agree with Alyce. . .

Posted by 11 years ago

I agree with Ethan

Posted by comment 11 years ago

We planned to play this last Friday night at our youth group however at the last second we realised that it may not be appropriate for girls to play in hot weather as skirts/shorts while lying down and sticking legs in air might be a bit inappropriate. We still ran the game but just got four male volunteers. Unfortunately two of the volunteers weren't wearing shoes... so it didn't work as well as we thought.

I think it would work best in winter, with everyone wearing decent shoes. Fill the bucket with random objects (not water) and set up multiple teams and have a race to see which team can remove their shoes first.

Posted by Shorty 12 years ago

is it possible to do?

Posted by samantha 12 years ago

i think i will try it with the kids wearing suplied socks to save thier shoes

Posted by liz 13 years ago

Works great with slime!

Posted by hwy.vaughan 13 years ago

i really think its a good game which unites the youth group in fact it builds team work

Posted by munashe 13 years ago

I'm pretty sure it's fairly simple - maybe follow a recipe like this:


Posted by Shorty 14 years ago

Can you tell me how to make slime?

Posted by Ranay 14 years ago

i am looking for water games for my youth group tonight, 40degrees today?
definitly going to try this!!
sounds awesome, i will let u's know how it goes.

Posted by HB 14 years ago

Hey ethan, thats a dumb comment.

Posted by Alyce 14 years ago

thats a dumb game

Posted by ethan 14 years ago

Sounds awesome! except i'll do it with slime

Posted by hayley 15 years ago

Great idea! gets them to work together however im thinking of substituting the water for confetti. Thanks!!

Posted by lorena 16 years ago
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