Fishing for Marbles

A team-building water game

How To Play Fishing for Marbles

Materials Needed

Bucket or Very Large Bowl, Ice, Water, Marbles.

Divide the youth into 2 or more teams.

Place the bucket in the middle of the room, then put the ice in, and fill with water. Now poor the marbles into the bucket (about 50 is good).

Get all the youth to take off their shoes and socks.

Taking it in turns, each team sends a player to the bucket. They then have 30 seconds to get as many marbles from the bottom of the bucket with their toes. Once everyone has had a go, the team with the most marbles to their name wins!

Tip: If you get a wide bucket/bowl with curved sides, the inventive players can scoop the marbles out from inside without having to grip them individually.

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on 24 September 2007


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Posted by 10 years ago

This is great because it's right on topic; I'm using this to go with the big idea of the study which is Jesus calling his disciples to be'fishers of men.'

Posted by Luke 14 years ago

We loved this one! I never tell them ahead of time what the game involves or they won't try it. But once one or two start, they all play! And with 100 marbles in each bucket, they wound up with 67 marbles for one team and 68 for the other!

Posted by Lois Howell, Honduras 14 years ago

Thanks for this. I'm going to adapt it for a messy food games night. I'm going to fill it with custard, baked beans and whole bunch of other stuff to make them squirm!

Posted by Nathanael 14 years ago

That sounds like lots of fun, going to try it with my youth group. thanks

Posted by Amanda 15 years ago
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