Drip Drip Drop

A relaxed, water, icebreaker game for junior youth

How To Play Drip Drip Drop

Materials Needed

Plastic cup, water

Kind like duck duck goose but with water.

Everyone sits in a circle and the game begins just like duck duck goose except the persion who is "it" walks around the circle and drips water on everyone's head from a cup while saying "drip, drip, drip etc". (works best if you have the youth leader fill the cup!!)

One poor unsuspeting person gets "drop" and the cup of water is tipped over their head. the person who cops the water now chases the 'dripper' back to their spot (just like in duck duck goose). If the wet victim tags the dripper they then get a free shot with a cup of water at the person who poured the water over them.

We play this youth group icebreaker game inside regularly in our youth room. It's great and really there's not that much water involved (as long as the youth leader is putting water in the drippers cup)!


Added by
Greg Robertson
on 13 March 2008


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We played this at camp it is such i fun game it was like 100 degrees so it felt great

Posted by Lydia 7 years ago

love drip drip drop i play it at camp evreyday im soked at the end of the day

Posted by ali 11 years ago

Im a youth and i played this game at camp- with a twist! we used relish! haha really stinky but fun, funny, and sure to instigate many laughs! :-)

Posted by Turner 12 years ago

that is a very good game!i like it!

Posted by vernice 12 years ago

We played this last Friday night when the weather was boiling hot all day (39ish). All the kids loved this game. Was such good fun!

Posted by Shorty 12 years ago

Love it!
Doing this tonight

Posted by Joanna 12 years ago

I thnk drip drip drop is the best game in the hole wide world

Posted by amalia 12 years ago

i thnnk that was a wonderful idea for a game it adds excitement to duck duck goose

Posted by shawna 13 years ago

a good game good for summer i played it while we were at the pool and it rocked

Posted by wesley 13 years ago
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