Alka Seltzer Waterfight

An active water wide game for large groups

How To Play Alka Seltzer Waterfight

Materials Needed

waterpistols, water bombs, buckets

A simple water fight game which is fantastic for cooling down on hot summer days.

1. Get a large group of youth together and split them into two teams.
2. Give the members of each team a coloured cloth to use as an armband so that they can easily identify friends and foes. (You can also use different colours of water-guns to identify teams.)
3. Give each person a water-gun, a string, and an alka-seltzer tablet. Note: If you allow youth to bring their own water guns, specify a maximum size inorder to prevent one person with a large super soaker from dominating the game.
4. Have each youth tie the tablet around their neck with the string. It must hang down the front of the shirt and be visible.
5. Have a designated refill point for each team. A couple buckets of water will do the trick.
6. Have kids wear old clothes as this can get a little messy. Rule out white t-shirts to prevent embarrassment when they get wet.

Let everyone run around in a large area squirting each other with the squirt guns. If a person's tablet dissolves, he's out. First team to eliminate all the opponents wins.

This game also works if you want to play every man for himself.

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on 19 May 2008


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We played it with selzer tablets from a dollar store. We didn't put holes, we clipped the tablets with a clothespin and strung yarn through it and around the neck. We used plastic cups instead of water guns and put out 2 large trash cans filled with water. We put cones around the cans and this became a safe zone. The kids loved it, we had about 50 kids.

Posted by 9 years ago

i love the idea

Posted by andrew 12 years ago

I love the idea of this game but I was kind of leery of using Alka Seltzer because we'll be playing this at a Jr. Camp. I decided to get blank white notecards and make a big dot on them with sidewalk chalk and then tie that around their neck.

Posted by Eric 13 years ago

Is there a cheaper option than heart burn tables? I'd really like to do this but there could be 20 to 50 kids.

Posted by Jannah 13 years ago

You should get these to spice it up

Posted by James 13 years ago

i think you should tie them round legs so faces dont get squirted

Posted by b 13 years ago

Please be careful with this. Once the alka seltzer started melting, it started burning some of the kids and they had red marks from it.

Posted by Martha 13 years ago

How do you drill the hole for the string? What tool do you use? I tried to use a needle so I could thread the string, and I ended up breaking a ton of tablets trying to get a hole put in it. Has anyone tried any other ways to attach the tablet?

Posted by A 13 years ago

Ars Technica recently posted an article on this game! Has some more ideas in it also.

"For more fun? Put the tablets on your arms and legs, and if you get hit in one and it starts foaming, no more use of that limb."

Posted by Shorty 14 years ago

We played this game and the youth got bored of it pretty quick. If I did it again I would make sure I had really high powered water pistols and/or a smaller tablet because otherwise it takes to long.

Posted by Mick 14 years ago

to make it more interesting, instead of the tablet being around the neck. you can make them wear ladies stocking over their heads and hv the tablet at the end of it. really really funny with the stocking!

Posted by ash 14 years ago

Yeah I agree, some of the comments are fairly unhelpful especially when there is no alternative or reasons with the comment. I generally do keep an eye on these kind of things. But on the flipside... I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion in the end?

Posted by Shorty 14 years ago

Joel, I think you should prevent completely unhelpful comments such as "stupid game" from being posted. If people don't have any useful advice, concerns or ideas then we dont want to hear their negative vibes! What kind of youth gets "bored" in a massive water fight? seriously....

Posted by Alyce 14 years ago

Stupid game and kids get bored!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mahunad habib 14 years ago

When we played this at a camping trip several years ago, the kids loved it. Their only complaint was that it was difficult to get the tablet to fall off. We decided to offer "hand grenades" aka water balloons next time to make the game move faster.

Posted by Karen 14 years ago

we are defintely going to use this for are church picnic

Posted by Mike 14 years ago

Sounds like a really good idea for like a overnighter

Posted by Mike 14 years ago

Wow - this sounds like a great game for my youth groups philip island camp this year :D
run around on the beach :)

Posted by saregurl 15 years ago
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