Water Balloon Volleyball

An active food water game

How To Play Water Balloon Volleyball

Materials Needed

Water balloons, volleyball court / net or a simple rope.

Just like volleyball except you use water balloons! The objective is to not allow the balloons to hit the ground on your side of the court. If you fill the balloons with cold water it makes the game that much more fun! After a few games of playing with one balloon, add 2 or 3 more to make things more interesting.

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on 1 June 2011


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love these ideas and games

Posted by marie moore 9 years ago

you dont have any good games

Posted by 12 years ago

We play this with 6 a side, a large bath towel per side and loads of small water bomb balloons. Put the bomb in the towel and they have to flick it over the net. Other side have to catch in their towel. Great outdoor game for all ages. Our pensioners group love it too and get really competitive!

Posted by Petra 12 years ago
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