Water Bomber

A water wide game for large groups

How To Play Water Bomber

Materials Needed

water bombs, buckets

This is a classic battle game which is easy to set up. Purchase a fair few water bombs and a couple of buckets.

It's best played in a location with 2 tap access points, so maybe the area around your church would be suitable, or possibly the camping grounds you are using.

Divide the group into 2 teams, give them each a designated amount of bombs and then tell them to go for it. If someone gets hit with a water bomb then they must go to jail for a couple minutes.

Alternatively, you can play elimination and if a player gets hit with a waterbomb then they are out for the rest of the round, the surviving team wins!

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on 21 October 2007

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You can also play this as a game of capture the flag where if your hit by the balloon its like being tagged, with the objective of capturing the flag. Fun part is when a team is out of balloons its like a free for all.

Posted by Faith 15 years ago
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