Ultimate Icebreaker

A team-building water icebreaker game for small groups

How To Play Ultimate Icebreaker

Materials Needed

T-Shirt, Shorts, Hat, Water, Freezer

This game is the ultimate icebreaker. Needs a bit a prep before hand - fill up some trays with water and place a t-shirt or pair of shorts or a hat in the water. Then freeze it!

You'll need at least one tray per team and it's probably best to use the same item/s for each team. Tell each team that the first ones to succesfully put on the item of clothing wins! Give the kids free reign to try to melt their block of ice!

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on 4 October 2007


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I'm thinking to freeze a bubble gum or a gummy bear :)

Posted by crizalyn 4 years ago

Did this at youth camp. Filled gallon sized bag with water and froze a XL plain t-shirt. Did this competition outside near the lake and they were able to thaw out their blocks in the lake, beat on the ground, etc. They had a great time with this one!!

Posted by Kphillips 6 years ago

We tried it at winter camp, the shirt was so rough a freshman got bloody trying to put the frozen shirt on

Posted by Phillip 6 years ago

This game is a little less intensive if you use old t-shirts and lightly dampen them, fold, and freeze rather than soaking them. Experiment with the right saturation - shirts should be really stiff and difficult to unfold but not rock solid.

Posted by Jan 7 years ago

One great way to make sure this lasts a bit longer is to tie up the tshirts prior to freezing...Also, make sure to get the shirts wet before putting in ice block. You can do this with just a shirt, and a large gallon ziplock...the extra work and making the knot unfreeze is epic.

Posted by Brandon 8 years ago

I like this game, i played it in camp

Posted by John kanje 8 years ago

Im gonna try this with my kids however i will freeze ribbons they will have to get it out and tie it in a gir's hair

Posted by Anna 8 years ago

i have seen this done without much water--even a soaked t-shirt that is folded and frozen can take a little while to manage to unfreeze enough to unfold and get on. if you are thinking of a whole outfit, this might be a good approach!

Posted by emily 9 years ago

what do you suggest that we ket the kids brake the ice with?

Posted by Tanisha Angeleri 9 years ago

I tried this game but instead froze T-Shirts in plastic water bottles cut in half, the problem was that the young people started mashing the bottles on the floor with the consequence that a number of T-Shirts ended up tearing. This activity was not a success at all. Even when i tried to slowly melt the T-Shirts in warm water they still tore. I suggest you either use old clothes which are to be thrown away or stay away from this activity.

Posted by Michelle Fre 9 years ago

this sounds interesting haha

Posted by bro 10 years ago

I like the way this games sounds,but do I have to fold the clothes in the ice?

Posted by elroy 10 years ago

we did this one at a camp. It took too long for them to break the ice. We didn't give them anything to do it with though. They went outside and started smashing it on the pavement but it still was taking way too long!

Posted by brian 11 years ago

how do they melt the ice or can they brake it

Posted by phillip bailey 11 years ago

Haha! I did this one a long time ago! So much fun! Except we wore plastic gloves! So ya is suggest gloves!

Posted by Wolf 11 years ago

ok thanks

Posted by 12 years ago

Be sure they don't destroy the clothes! That happened in our group.

Posted by 12 years ago

thats a bit weird......

Posted by Anon 12 years ago


Posted by GLORIA 12 years ago

A good way to make it funner would be to freeze a whole outfit and then peoople have to try and put the clothes on!!! Good game though!

Posted by Issy 12 years ago

This game is soo awesome! i played it at my friend's fellowship, it really brings everyone together-- THE ULTIMATE ICEBREAKER(:

Posted by Evelyn 12 years ago

Trying this one tonight with t-shirts. Calling it: "Iced T's"

Posted by Naterade 13 years ago

did this one, it went off!!!! kids went crazy outside, i suggest giving each teams a couple of pairs of heavy duty gloves, coz our boys destroyed their hands on the bitumen (numb hands grating ice on road)

Posted by tara 13 years ago

Great Game. Used deep bowls instead of trays and it took forever for the blocks to freeze.

Posted by Kostin 15 years ago

Always a great game!

Posted by Anon 15 years ago
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