Rolling Egg Bocce

A relaxed, water game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play Rolling Egg Bocce

Materials Needed

Eggs (hard-boiled) for each player

This fun variant on bocce can be played outdoors or indoors, but ideally needs a relatively flat surface to play on.

Each player will need their own hard-boiled egg, which would be clearly marked. You can keep this simple and just write their name on it in black marker or possibly get the players to do something a little bit more creative and decorate their egg. (If this is being used as an easter activity - then this could be the perfect opportunity to do some easter egg decorating). You'll also need an extra egg which will be used as the jack. This could be painted white or clearly marked with an X.

To start the game, one player rolls the jack-egg a few metres in front of the group. Then each player takes it in turns to roll their egg to land as close to the jack-egg as possible. Bumping other eggs is allowed, so if you're playing multiple rounds, make sure you change up the order players go in so players aren't always first or last.

Being an egg based game - this makes it a perfect easter activity for your family, kids church or youth group.

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on 17 March 2021

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