Water Sponge

An active team-building water camp game

How To Play Water Sponge

Materials Needed

Sponge (x2)
Water bucket (x2)
Jar (x2)

How To Play:

Teachers will split students into two teams. There will be a sponge with water next to each student starting.

The first student in each line will get the sponge and soak up as much water as they can get and squeeze it into a jar.

The first team to fill up the jar with water first wins.

Additional Rules:

- Students that go past the starting line will have to have a 15 second wait for the whole team.
- Make sure teachers keep refilling the water bucket so it'll never run outta water.
- The jar should be far from the water stuff.

Hope you enjoy this game! ;D


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on 5 August 2013


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I’ve done this game several times and the kids love it!

Posted by Essy 5 years ago

This game sounds fun and exciting and I can't wait to use this for my Children's class and Junior Youth Fun Day. I just have one question tho, do we use one of those big huge sponges or we use the small kind with the green scrubber on it? Just wanna make sure what I need to buy and use for the fun day.

Posted by Poima Kava 6 years ago

We do this as a relay race. The first one in line fills a large sponge with water from the bucket. Then the sponge (full of water) must go over and under several people before the last one in line squeezes out the water into the jar. Two teams / lines of people race to see who fills the jar first.

Posted by Jo Gundersen 6 years ago
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