Make A Volcano: Chemistry

A team-building, water, simulation game for small groups

How To Play Make A Volcano: Chemistry

Materials Needed

Recycled Water Bottle, Water, Vinegar, Baking Soda, Food Colouring

In a tall jug (clear is best) put in 100ml of vinegar and drop in a TBSN of baking powder - and watch the volcano erupt!Watch as a chemical reaction happens right in front of your eyes! Baking soda (base) and Vinegar (acid) react releasing gas (CO2) causing an eruption! Fill a water bottle a third full with water(optional: mix in food coloring) Next, add 5 tsp. of baking soda, build up a sand/ dirt mountain around the bottle, add one cup of vinegar to the bottle. Stand back and watch the eruption!


Science / Learning

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Maddison Mulvany
on 5 April 2019
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