Wave- Hide and seek

An active, team-building, wide, camp game

How To Play Wave- Hide and seek

Materials Needed

A hose or another desegnated area out in the open.

There is one person who is the seeker, the rest of the people are hiders. The seeker puts the hose into the shape of a circle. After the seeker counts to a predesegnated number (i.e. 2 minutes) the seeker will try to find those hiding and after the seeker finds a person and says their name they go to the circle and in order to go hide again they must see a person hiding wave to them and then they may leave the circle and hide once again. The game is complete when all players are in the circle or everyone has goten bored.

Added by
Iris Hall
on 19 July 2016


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good game

Posted by jess 5 years ago

This game is really fun, but I learned it by a different name, Piggy wants a wave. I think this name sounds better, also I think this game is better played at night instead of a circle you use a porch or patio with lights.

Posted by Bob Sha'quon 7 years ago
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