Charlie's Candy

An active, team-building, wide, camp game

How To Play Charlie's Candy

Materials Needed

Ballons, trash bags

This game is based on the great children's movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." You're going to need a large group to play it, so this could be a good camp game.
1) Break the group into six even teams. Give each team a trash bag.
2) Each team will have to pick the person that will hold the trash bag first. They must hold the trash bag and wait for the rest of the team to come back. Then, they will swap bag holders.
3) The rest of the team will be exploring the designated area-skipping, no running allowed-trying to find one of the eight "candymakers" (adult volunteers) hidden throughout.
a. Each candymaker will have a pack of balloons (the candy) with them. When a team finds them, they will have to blow up one balloon and give it to the team.
i. Each candymaker has a balloon of a unique color, and therefore, a different point value. Don't tell the group the specific point values, since they need a surprise.
ii. Balloons may not be stolen from other teams.
iii. Teams can get up to eight balloons-each a different color-before returning to their trash bag.
b. The team's goal is to skip back to their trash bag and place it in so they can keep it. Then, trash bag holders will be swapped.
4) Watch out! As said before, balloons cannot be stolen from other teams or from your trash bag. However, they can be stolen by "Oompa Loompas" (more adult volunteers). These creatures will roam the area, and if they spot a team with a balloon, they will stop them and give the team a challenge (i.e., "Make a human pyramid" or "Name fifteen candy bars in thirty seconds.").
a. If the team passes the challenge, they may continue on their way and the Oompa Loompa will bother a different team.
b. If the team does not pass the challenge, they will have to fork a balloon over to the Oompa Loompa, who will give it back to its original candymaker.
5) The team with the most points wins!

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Freak the Geek
on 1 July 2015


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Depends on how you set it up. On average, it could take 25 minutes.

Posted by Freak the Geek 8 years ago

I have the same question As Narelle please?

Posted by misha 8 years ago

How long does this game usually last for? I'm thinking of using it at my upcoming camp, but I do have some time constraints.

Posted by Narelle 8 years ago
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