Milk Jug Lacrosse

An active, team-building, wide game for small groups

How To Play Milk Jug Lacrosse

Materials Needed

Get as many milk jugs as you can so as to accommodate the size group you might have. Cut the bottom off of the milk jug keeping the small end in tact as well as the handle. There is a line at the bottom of every milk jug. Cut right under that line. Get a fresh can of tennis balls. They bounce the best when they are new.

Each person has a milk jug. There are no boundaries set. Each team has a goal they are to defend with one person. By running up and down the field the tennis ball or is passed from teammate to teammate. Each player can only take 3 steps when they possess the ball. Everyone else can take as many steps as possible. Tackling is not allowed. Knocking the ball out of the receiver or jug is allowable. I usually tell guys they can hit each other’s milk jugs and girl can do the same. Once a goal is scored the goalie picks the ball up and the play continues.

Added by
Sam Lavender
on 28 March 2017


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Nice one

Posted by Rathish Reniyas Raj 5 years ago

Great idea

Posted by Sam 6 years ago

I've done this game with scouts in the hall using ping-pong balls and cups.
They love it.
Hilarious to watch too.

Posted by sean richter 6 years ago
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